Frequently Asked Questions

About the club:

Callabar started in 1956 as the Karl Bergh Club and moved to the Linderman location in the 1970s.  Callabar is a Non-Profit 503B, run by a Board of Directors.  Because of non-profit status, members are considered partial owners and each membership owns shares for a year.  The Club is 100% member run.

The club is equipped with 3 tennis courts, pool with integrated shallow kiddie area, club with full kitchen, showers, bathrooms and changing room, gas grill, charcoal grill, basketball court, small field behind clubhouse, small playground.  The clubhouse is equipped with 2 commercial refrigerators, 1 commercial freezer, stove, oven, microwave, paper products and reusable utensils, plates/cups.  There are no concessions for purchase, and guests are able to order from local restaurants for delivery.

Q:  When is opening day of the pool?

A:  Opening day is typically Memorial day weekend weather permitting. 

Q:  When does the pool close?

A:  The pool closes sometime in September after Labor day depending on weather and availability of lifeguards.


Membership is capped based on the number of members who can join. If you are interested, please send an email to  New members need to be sponsored by an existing member. Private club, need referral sponsor to join.

Q:  Is there a waitlist? 

A:  Yes, send an email to

Q:  What are the hours pool is open to members?  

A:  The pool is open to members outside of camp hours M-F 4-8 Sat/Sun 12-8 depending upon lifeguard availability – tennis courts and grounds access are available any time outside of camp hours.  The clubhouse is only open for use during the period of time that the pool is open.

Q:  Can I swim if there is no lifeguard on duty?

A:  No, this is a state law

Q:  Are there annual events?  

A:  Yes, these include a hot dog roast camp family kick-off, Luau, jazz night, lobster bake on July 4th, and a fall family campout – all weather dependent

Q:  What are the guest fees?

Guest fees are $5 for children, $10 adults.  Local guests which are considered anyone within 50 miles of the club are allowed a maximum of 3x for the entire season.   Non-local guests may attend the club an unlimited number of times. 

Q:   Does the family need to be at the pool while the guest is there?  

A:  Minors (anyone under 18 years old) need to have adult supervision and the sponsoring family must be present with the guest(s).

Q:  How can I pay for my membership and camp? 

A:  Payment may be made online with a credit card with a convenience fee of 3%, or mail/drop a check.

Q:  What type of memberships do you offer?  

A:  Social membership does not include the option to send your child to camp.  

Family membership covers 2 adults and all children in household with the inclusion of the ability to register for camp.    Additional adult household members incur an additional fee.

Q:  If I am a single adult household is there a reduced family membership rate?  

A:  Not currently but under consideration.

Q:  What if I join and change my mind, can I get a refund? 

A:  There are no refunds for membership or camp.

Q:  How many work hours are required?

A:  6 hours per membership, regardless of type of membership (social or family) or number of members. Alternately, you can pay $50 per hour in lieu of work hours. Work hours are not required during your first year of membership.

Q:  How do I report my work hours?

A:  You can email the volunteer coordinator or self-report using our form.

Q:  Are tennis or swim lessons available separate from camp?

A:  These are not offered at the club.


Q:  When is my camp payment due? 

A:  One week is due up front at time of registration to hold all weeks. Each additional week is due by the Monday of that week of camp.

Q: If I register for weeks for my campers(s) during the registration period, can I get a refund throughout the summer if my plans change?

A: We cannot offer refunds for canceled weeks once the registration deadline has passed. Staffing for camp is incredibly involved and we have very specific requirements by the DOH, therefore we make all of the staffing hires based on the registration numbers, so that we cover our staff to camper ratios. IF your plans change and you can find a current Callabar member camper to take your campers spot, we will allow that, but we can’t offer full refunds unless the spot is filled.

Q: What are the hours of camp?

A: Camp hours are from 8:00am – 4:00pm. Do not arrive any earlier than 8am and you must pick up your camper by 4pm.

Q: Is there after-care?

A: We do not offer after-care through camp. However, you can individually reach out to counselors or CITs to set up child care for your campers and make those arrangements between you and the counselor.

Q: Can I make specific requests for camp groupings for my campers and their friends?

A: You can email requests to the camp committee which we will forward to the Camp Director. However, the final decision is always up to the discretion of the Camp Director. Many factors go into the groupings, such as swimming ability and matching campers of similar ages. 

Q: What age does my camper have to be to attend camp?

A: Campers must be at least 5 years old and also entering Kindergarten.

Q: Does Callabar camp offer swim instruction to all swimmer levels?

A: Yes! All swim levels get instruction at Callabar, including our youngest non-swimmers. All campers get daily instruction with our Swim Counselor, and we always have a Lifeguard on duty, separate from the Swim Instructor.

Q: Does Callabar offer tennis instruction to all levels, including kids who have never played tennis?

A: Yes! We have a Tennis Counselor and all campers, regardless of experience, get daily instruction on the tennis courts.

Q: Can we bring guest campers? 

A: Priority is given to members for camper spots but if there are spots available, we do allow guest campers. Info on pricing and deadlines for signing up guest campers will be made available when registration goes up. Local campers are limited to being a guest camper for one week. 

Q: When can I sign up for camp? 

A: Camp registration usually begins in late March/early April. Exact dates will be announced to membership during that time period.

Q: Do I have to be a Callabar member to sign my child up for camp? 

A: Yes, you must be a Callabar member to sign up for multiple weeks of camp. Guests are allowed depending on spacing availability. 

Q: What types of activities do kids do at camp? 

A: Campers rotate through four different stations throughout the day: tennis lessons, swim lessons, games, and arts and crafts. There is also free time, and time for snack and lunch.  

Q:  If my babysitter picks my kids up from camp and they stay at the pool, do they need to pay a guest fee?  

A: Caregivers of members can stay at the pool with children of members in their absence.

Q:  If you have a guest camper does the family get full access to pool during the week the kids are at camp.

A:  No, can pay guest fee to come with sponsoring family.

Q:  Can a camper self dismiss?  

A:  Campers are not allowed to self dismiss.

Q: Do you have lap swimming at Callabar?

A: Yes, we have a laned pool that is currently blocked off 2 evenings a week and Sunday between noon and 1PM. Here are some general guidelines for lap swimming at Callabar.

Callabar Swim & Tennis Club

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