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Rules for Campers

Camp Philosophy

Camp Callabar provides our children with a structured, fun, friendly and non-competitive summer program. Here campers spend a safe and happy summer vacation playing tennis, swimming, doing arts and crafts, and participating in other special activities, in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Behavior Standards

Our standard for behavior is to treat others as you would like to be treated. This includes showing respect for the feelings of others and their belongings; acting responsibly concerning safety of yourself and others; making an effort to help other campers, especially new campers, and showing kindness at every opportunity. We also maintain a No-Bullying policy. This means that verbal or physical abuse, including taunting, teasing, name calling, pushing, shoving, etc. are not tolerated. 

In summary, we expect Staff, Campers and Parents to follow our Camp Motto: 

Respect, Responsibility, Effort, and Kindness Count

Camper Rules

In light of the heightened safety procedures this year, it is paramount to follow all behavior standards and camper rules. Each week Campers will be given pool, fire and safety orientation by the director. The following rules are not inclusive, but are those most frequently in need or reiteration by the staff.


  • Campers are not allowed in the woods without Staff supervision.

  • Swimming is subject to the direction of the Swim Counselor or Lifeguard. Campers must obey all lifeguard instructions.

  • There is no running, pushing, wrestling, or causing undue disturbance around the pool. Using foam “noodles” to hit another camper is not allowed, nor are “chicken fights.”

  • Swimming is not allowed when a Lifeguard is not on duty.

  • Campers must towel off before entering the clubhouse.

  • Keep all food, drink, sunscreen, insect repellant, etc. away from the pool. 

  • Tennis shoes are required every day. Shirts are required on the tennis courts.

  • Unless needed for a special camp activity, toys, electronic games, music players and cell phones should NOT be brought to camp. Callabar is not responsible for any missing or damaged item brought to camp. Here is a list of What to Bring to Camp.

  • Campers should not play with sticks, rocks or other items found on the grounds.

  • Sunscreen and insect repellant are to be applied BEFORE coming to camp. Counselors will ensure that campers re-apply sunscreen and insect repellant every 2 hours or after their swim session.

  • Camp cleanups occur after lunch and after the last activity period (before free time). Clean up after yourself and assist the Staff as requested.

  • Use the recycling bins provided for metal, plastic, and glass containers. Use trash cans for all other items.

  • Report any bug bite, rash or other injury immediately to a Counselor or the Director.

  • Campers should stay at home if they are sick.

Discipline Policy

The Director and Staff will maintain a reasonable level of discipline. Campers are expected to follow the instructions of the Staff at all times. Any disruptive behavior will be handled in the following measures:

  1. First Incidence: Verbal Warning from Camp Director

  2. Second Incidence: 10-minute “Time-Out”

  3. Third Incidence: Camper sent home for remainder of the day

Additionally, if the behavior continues, the Board reserves the right to take further measures, including suspension for the remainder of camp.


If you have a complaint about any matter relating to Camp, first contact the Director and try to resolve it. If this is not possible, discuss the issue with a member of the Camp Committee. If you are still not satisfied, you may ask to meet with the Board of Directors on the matter.

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